Conference Hotel

WASA 2017 will be held at Guilin Bravo Hotel(桂林宾馆).

WASA 2017 participants will enjoy a special rate at this hotel. In order to reserve hotel rooms, please fill the hotel reservation form (English Version, or Chinese Version), and send the reservation form to

Address: 14 South Ronghu Road (Ronghu Nan Lu), Guilin City, 541001, Guangxi, P.R. China.

地址: 中国广西桂林市榕湖南路14号

Tel: +86 0773 289 8888

Directions: From Guilin International Liangjiang Airport (KWL), you may take a taxi to the Conference Hotel (Guilin Bravo Hotel). It should take about 50 minutes, and cost about CNY 120.

乘计程车从桂林国际机场 (KWL) 到会议酒店(桂林宾馆)大概需要50分钟, 花费大约120元人民币.

Visa Application

Traveling to China from overseas may need a visa. Often a tourist visa is convenient for conference participation, and to get a tourist visa from many countries can be quite easy. However, there are cases where it is not easy to get a tourist visa to China, in which case an invitation letter from the conference may be helpful (but cannot guarantee a visa to be issued).

If you need an invitation letter from us to apply for a visa, please send the following information to

    Family name:
    First name:
    Date of birth:
    Passport no.:
    Passport expiration date:
    Country/City where you intend to apply for your visa:
    Intended date of landing to China:
    Point of landing (e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou):
    Date of departure (when you will leave China):
    Detailed mailing address:
    Phone and fax numbers (if applicable):
    Email address:

Please note:

(1) Every companion needs to provide the above information separately.

(2) Express mails for the invitation letters are subject to charging the recipients.