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[8:30 am] to [10:00 am]
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Session 7: Privacy Leakage in the Web

Who leaks my privacy: Towards Automatic and Association Detection with GDPR Compliance
Qiwei Jia, Lu Zhou, Huaxin Li, Ruoxu Yang, Suguo Du and Haojin Zhu
User Identity De-Anonymization Based on User Attributes
Cheng Zhang, Honglu Jiang, Yawei Wang, Qin Hu and Xiuzhen Cheng
Automated and Personalized Privacy Policy Extraction under GDPR Consideration
Cheng Chang, Huaxin Li, Yichi Zhang, Suguo Du, Hui Cao and Haojin Zhu

[8:30 am] to [10:00 am]
Room Plumeria

Session 08: Network Resource Allocation

Fast and Simple Spectrum Scheduling under the Physical Interference Model
Xiaohua Xu, Yuanfang Chen and Shuibing He
ONE-Geo: Client-Independent IP Geolocation based on Owner Name Extraction
Yucheng Wang, Xu Wang, Hongsong Zhu, Hai Zhao, Hong Li and Limin Sun
Fairness-Aware Auction Mechanism for Sustainable Mobile Crowdsensing
Korn Sooksatra, Ruinian Li, Yingshu Li, Xin Guan and Wei Li

[8:30 am] to [10:00 am]
Room Pakalana/Anthurium

session 9: Algorithm: Machine Learning

Fusing RFID and Computer Vision for Occlusion-Aware Object Identifying and Tracking
Mi Li, Yao Chen, Yanfang Zhang, Jian Yang and Hong Du
CXNet-m2: A Deep Model with Visual and Clinical Contexts for Image-based Detection of Multiple Lesions
Shuaijing Xu, Guangzhi Zhang, Rongfang Bie and Anton Kos
A Location Predictive Model Based on 2D Angle data for HAPS Using LSTM
Ke Xiao, Chaofei Li, Wei Cheng, Yunhua He and Chao Wang

[10:00 am] to [10:30 am]

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[10:30 am] to [12:00 pm]
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Session 10: Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Privacy Protection for Context-Aware Services: A Two-Layer Three-Party Game Model
Yan Huang, Zhipeng Cai and Anu Bourgeois
Decentralized Hierarchical Authorized Payment with Online Wallet for Blockchain
Qianwen Wei, Shujun Li, Wei Li, Hong Li and Mingsheng Wang
Differentially Private Event Sequences over Infinite Streams with Relaxed Privacy Guarantee
Xuebin Ren, Shuyang Wang, Xianghua Yao, Chia-Mu Yu, Wei Yu and Xinyu Yang

[10:30 am] to [12:00 pm]
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Session 11: Cognitive Radio

Massive MIMO Cognitive Cooperative Relaying
Son Dinh, Hang Liu and Feng Ouyang
Performance Investigation of Polar Codes Over Nakagami-M Fading and Real Wireless Channel Measurements
Mohammed Sarkhi, Abdulsahib Albehadili, Osama Hussein, Ahmad Javaid and Vijay Devabhaktuni
Decomposable Atomic Norm Minimization Channel Estimation for Millimeter Wave MIMO-OFDM Systems
Qianwen An, Tao Jing, Yingkun Wen, Zhuojun Duan and Yan Huo

[10:30 am] to [12:00 pm]
Room Pakalana/Anthurium

Session 12: Algorithm: Social Network

Self-attention Based Collaborative Neural Network For Recommendation
Shengchao Ma and Jinghua Zhu
Deep Neural Model for Point-of-interest Recommendation Fused with Graph Embedding Representation
Jinghua Zhu and Xu Guo
Parallel Multicast Information Propagation Based on Social Influence
Yuqi Fan, Liming Wang, Lei Shi and Dingzhu Du

[12:00 pm] to [1:30 pm]

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Session 13: Security

A New Outsourced Data Deletion Scheme with Public Verifiability
Changsong Yang, Xiaoling Tao, Feng Zhao and Yong Wang
Research on Physical Layer Security Scheme Based on OAM Modulation for Wireless Communications
Weiqing Huang, Yan Li, Dong Wei and Qiaoyu Zhang
Lightweight IoT Malware Visualization Analysis via Two-Bits Networks
Hui Wen, Weidong Zhang, Yan Hu, Qing Hu, Hongsong Zhu and Limin Sun

[1:30 pm] to [3:00 pm]
Room Plumeria

Session 14: Cyber-Physical Systems I: Communication

Real-time Data Aggregation in Duty-Cycling Multi-hop Sensor Networks
Xiaohua Xu, Yi Zhao and Dongfang Zhao.
Model Based Adaptive Data Collection Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yidi Cao and Ran Bi
Evolutionary Game Based Gateway Selection Algorithm in Cyber-Physical System
Hao Wang and Jianzhong Li

[1:30 pm] to [3:00 pm]
Room Pakalana/Anthurium

Session 15: Algorithm: Various Topics

DDSEIR: a Dynamic Rumor Spreading Model in Online Social networks
Li Li, San-Shun Zhang, Hui Xia, Rui Zhang and Ye Li
Data Forwarding and Caching Strategy for RSU Aided V-NDN
Zhenchun Wei, Jie Pan, Kangkang Wang, Lei Shi, Zengwei Lyu and Lin Feng
Contextual Combinatorial Cascading Thompson Sampling
Zhenyu Zhu, Liusheng Huang and Hongli Xu

[3:00 pm] to [3:30 pm]

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[3:30 pm] to [5:00 pm]
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Session 16: Privacy

A Hybrid Approach for Recognizing Web Crawlers
Weiping Zhu, Hang Gao, Zongjian He, Jiangbo Qin and Bo Han
DPSR: A Differentially Private Social Recommender System for Mobile Users
Xueling Zhou, Lingbo Wei, Yukun Niu, Chi Zhang and Yuguang Fang
Privacy Protection Sensing Data Aggregation for Crowd-Sensing
Yunpeng Wu, Shukui Zhang, Yuren Yang, Hao Long and Li Zhang

[3:30 pm] to [5:00 pm]
Room Plumeria

Session 17: Cyber-Physical Systems II: Power Management

Hybrid Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field and Solar Energy Harvesting Architecture for Self-Powered Wireless Sensor System
Di Cao, Jing Run Jia, Min Jie Xie, Yan Jing Lei and Wei Li
Cross-layer Optimization on Charging Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Successive Interference Cancellation
Juan Xu, Xingxin Xu, Xu Ding, Lei Shi and Yang Lu
Multi-Hop Recharging Sensor Wireless Networks Optimization With Successive Interference Cancellation
Peng Zhang, Xu Ding, Jing Wang, Juan Xu and Lei Shi

[3:30 pm] to [5:00 pm]
Room Pakalana/Anthurium

Session 18: IoT

Analysis of Best Network Routing Structure for IoT
Shasha Chen, Shengling Wang and Jianghui Huang
Optimal Routing of tight optimal Bidirectional Double-loop Networks
Liu Hui and Wang Shengling
Utility Aware Task Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing
Ran Bi, Shan Huang, Jiankang Ren and Qian Liu

[6:00 pm] to [8:00 pm]
Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar

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